Best GTA 5 Story- Grand Theft Auto 5 Funny Moments

“Microwave for One”

Read this gta 5 story funny moments: I once stole a city bus, took it to the pier, which was packed, and covered it and the surrounding area and buildings with sticky bombs. I also poured a trail of gasoline to the parking lot, then found a good vantage point at the end of the pier. I took out my sniper and started taking out some civilians. They were all herded closer to the bus and the parking lot. I soon had 3 stars and had a helicopter on me. once enough people had gathered near the bus, I detonated it, sending about 15 people flying. There was then a chorus of explosions from the parking lot. I now had 4 stars, and I sent several RPGs to the cop cars at the end of the pier. I now had 5 stars and NOOSE was arriving. I jumped off the pier, swam under it, and got on one of the jet skis nearby. I took it to the airport, with the police on my tail. I ran and stole an airplane, and flew it across the state, landing near Sandy Shores. The police had lost me. I stole some shitty car from a shitty redneck and drove back to my house in Rockford Hills. As I was getting out of my car and walking across the street, since I didn’t want the shitty car in my driveway, a fucking SUV escaping the police comes out of nowhere, runs me over in full speed, killing me.
Author TheWaffleOfDoom

Who is This Creepy Dude in The Circle?

A while ago, after completing story mode, I started on all the random events and trophies and such. One of them is called Three Man Army, where you get Michael, Franklin & Trevor together, with a 3-star wanted level, for 3 minutes.

Best GTA 5 Story

So I play as Franklin, call up Michael to hang out, then before picking him up I call Trevor to hang out as well. The game handles it perfectly. While on the phone with Trevor, Franklin mentions he’s also planning to pick up Michael. I pick them both up, and they immediately start talking about how crazy the story mode events were, can’t believe they all made it, etc.

As soon as I started shooting, Michael & Trevor followed suit, and in no time we had 3 stars and cops chasing after us. So we’re racing around downtown Los Santos, with two cops on our tail, and we got a little distance from them, so I slowed down a little while I glanced at the mini map for where I should turn next. As I do, I realize we’re just coming over a slight crest in the road, and turns out the cops weren’t that far behind, because they both flew directly over Franklin’s Buffalo and into the telephone pole in front of us, exploding on impact.

Space Cat on Mushrooms

A while back I was leaving LSC after selling a car, and before I knew it I was gunned down by some guy in an Elegy. I realized he was new and just wanted to have fun…but I wasn’t about to let him make a bitch out of me, so I hunted him down and killed him back.

For some reason though, I felt that wasn’t enough. I drove to his spawning location and killed him again, which ended my lust of pixelated blood. But, like the thug he thought he was, I became the hunted. So it seemed. As unfortunate as it was, I was driving past where he spawned where he tried to shoot me for revenge. I could’ve left, but instead I ran him over, because why would I leave? Finally, his last attempt was to be unleashed. He sped towards me, I tossed a sticky, and I missed completely. But right then, I had a stroke of genius. I wasn’t in my persona vehicle, so I drove the car over top of the bomb and waited for him to ram into me. And when he did, we both died in a fiery explosion.
Author gdteh_lofjui

What’s Wrong With My Snake?

A friend and I take a chopper to Chiliad, and ascend to the map height. Our plan is to parachute south, way beyond the city, using precision aiming.

When we’re roughly level with Harmony, some random puts a $9k bounty on me (my friend was decent enough to resist temptation). We have fun watching the radar as blips below try desperately to locate me.

Eventually, it becomes clear that some players have choppers (no Buzzards or Annihilators though). We can’t see them for ages, as we’re still so high up.

After a while, I start playing helicopter dodgeball as they try to fly into my parachute. Then one guy wises up and parachutes near us. Thus commences the parachute battle of the skies. A few wobbly ‘chutes, but sadly no real damage.

I choose to land in the water by the docks (having abandoned the ‘let’s parachute way beyond the island’ plan long ago), so that I can keep swimming underwater if need be. My friend and my attacker both land on the nearest port, entering an unofficial deathmatch with each other.

I keep coming up for air whenever my attacker wasn’t facing me, and make myself as obvious as possible so my friend can snipe me. No such luck; too many waves.

Suddenly someone starts blasting some ridiculously loud music through the open chat. As someone who finds loud, intense noise quite difficult (someone play the world’s smallest violin for me, I know), I scramble to start an Xbox party to drown out the noise.

As I do this, I get sniped. By the wrong person :(

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